The Future Cannabis Millionaire Podcast

What is a Future Cannabis Millionaire?

A Future Cannabis Millionaire (#fcm) is a person that is working passionately to make their mark in the cannabis space.

A few short years ago, the phrase, "I want to pursue a career in cannabis," would have been met some eye brow raises and apprehension.

Now, the cannabis industry employs hundreds of thousands, cannabis classes are taught at accredited universities, and capital deployment to fuel industry growth is occurring in both pubic and private markets.

Cannabis millionaires have been minted already. Do you know a future cannabis millionaire?

The Podcast

A Podcast Where You Pick The Guests

Tired of hearing from the same people on every podcast? Us too. This is why we said, we should let the people chose who we feature! After all, you're the ones on the ground. You see your coworkers, your friends, your competition working hard to make their goals a reality.

You can hear from the people you want to hear from by nominating a future cannabis millionaire to appear on our show.

This will be launching this July!

How The Podcast Works

Step 1: You fill out the google form below in order to nominate a future cannabis millionaire. You can nominate someone else or yourself. The more details you give the better chance of the person you nominated appearing on the show.

Step 2: We comb through your nominations and do our due diligence. We'll make sure the person nominated walks the walk and talks the talk.

Step 3: You listen, learn, and laugh to a new episode every week.

We'll also send you a discount code to our sponsor Ken Ahbus' store as a thank you for nominating someone. Of course, no purchase is necessary.

Nominate A Future Cannabis Millionaire

The Merch

The idea for The Future Cannabis Millionaire Podcast started with a mug and a 5th-grade yearbook photo.

Not only will the future cannabis millionaires receive one of these sweet FCM mugs but they'll also receive a box of swag from Ken Ahbus, the sponsor of the show.